"Keith has a wonderful coaching program, very complete and results oriented. If you are serious about moving ahead in your career or business, I highly recommend hiring Keith to coach you to success."

Jim Pringle 

 “I met Keith at a time when I really needed to jump start a relatively new business idea. At first I thought he was expensive, but very positive results began to show within three months. I found him to be creative, at times unorthodox, and completely trustworthy. Whatever words I could use, the one that is most true is RESULTS! He brings results.”

Fred North
President, North Imaging Voice Over 

"I have worked with Keith for several years. No matter what the project was that Keith and I worked on together he always had great ideas, worked very hard, and got the project done on time. No matter what your needs are Keith would be an asset in accomplishing your goals and objectives."

William Vincent
Professor of Law, Mercer University

"Keith Winfree is the owner of a fast growing franchise which will cover the globe by 2018. For the right person, usually someone who is strong in sales, it is a "goldmine" of an opportunity. They care about their customers and the tag line for the company is "Results Guaranteed!" Keith has had national experience in business coaching for over 30 years. He has written two books for his private clients. "Black Belt Sales Coaching" and "Black Belt Owner Coaching." You owe it to yourself to meet this person; he can help you achieve whatever you desire in life."

Jane Moore
Marketing and Sales Director, FranConnect

"Keith is an incredibly supportive person who truly wishes everyone to maximize their potential. He has terrific energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on those around him. Keith has high standards, high integrity, and a solid moral compass. He is a mentor and friend, and I'm pleased to recommend him." 

Dick Munson

This is the best sales and life changing system ever.

Tim Bailey
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Business Opportunity Development
Thinc Technologies

"The benefit of working with Keith is that he is able to orient sales skills and business skills to the sign making industry. His suggestions are concrete, specific, and spot on."

Bart Dellinger
Sign Clemente 

"Keith's coaching has helped me to successfully focus on the knowledge of what being a salesperson requires. In addition, the coaching has allowed me to build my self-confidence in selling and developing the discipline and focus to stay with it. As I apply it, I see the benefits for improving my business. These areas were critical to me when I decided to go into business and needed to re-invent myself from the corporate world where I was involved in non-sales positions."

Ken Lordi
SIGN World

... gave me a system that I can use with confidence and which gets me results. I could even apply the ... systems in personal relationships.

Doan Tran 

Dana Costa
Signature Signs

Human relations skills are very important in all relationships. The ... system has helped me have a lot of control over human relationships.

Jack Davis 

... has helped me to focus on the issues of selling and the components of a selling system; i.e., daily monitoring of dials and the ... journal, and time management.

Jaime Simpson

 ... has put me back on track, doing the things that truly make a difference in business. Creativity in problem solving, attention to detail, and effective strategy creation and implementation are the phrases I use to describe the work Keith does on a daily basis. The projects I work on with Keith always manage to reach a real level of excellence due to his encouragement and positive attitude. The emphasis on coaching, training, and classroom reinforcement has proved to be the key to accomplishment. After 60 days, I have been able to recoup my investment and to make money using this system.

Scott Neal

 "What I gain from Keith's sales course is re-enforcement of proven techniques and behaviors. The results are evident and measurable and the weekly classes keep me focused and accountable to my business and to myself."

Dave Treadwell
Vital Signs


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