Keith is focused on positive sales improvement and as a change agent can help any company benefit, when they chose to follow his measurable and "results driven" systems approach.

Ralph Thomas
VP Sales & Marketing, Edentify, Inc.  

... Keith Winfree and Company's training method have dramatically changed my outlook and results regarding the sales process.


Vice President of Franchise Development 

I am very excited to have gotten involved with Keith Winfree and the ... system. I appreciate the individual attention and monitoring, the never give up attitude. It has given me a system that makes selling fun. It helps me understand the client's thoughts.

Phil Donohue

Excerpts from a letter to Ken Kindt, President of SignWorld dated October 16, 2006

One of the highlights of the Signworld journey has been the marketing and sales training through Keith Winfree. Although our years of working with faith-based non-profit groups gave us many skills in working with people, we knew the process of making sales and running a small business would not be our strong suit.

Keith has proven to be a tenacious, warm-hearted, and gifted coach. In our first year he kept us focused on the things that would lead to sales. I learned many skills that I continue to revisit and refine. The business was growing, but I found it “running” me more than I was running the business.

Late this spring Keith invited me to be part of a group that he called the Million Dollar Club. As he described the content of the class, I knew I needed it. I was skeptical of the name of the class when I started… but no more. I believe that what Keith is providing in "hands-on" training will leverage us to be successful as a business in ways that I could never have achieved on my own.

In the first 12 months we sold almost $200K of signs. Since I started the Million Dollar Club with Keith we have averaged almost $32.5K per month with the last two months averaging $45K.

Like I said earlier, Keith is a gifted coach. I feel like I am getting an on-the-job MBA through his training and would recommend his program to anyone who is serious about learning to run their business.

Mike Rutter
Pinnacle Signs and Graphics

"Keith has been my sales coach for about seven months. Keith Winfree is by far the best at what he does. I have been in sales for 30 years and have attended dozens of training seminars, schools, and classes, and I have never learned more in such a short time as I have done in his sales training classes. Keith will dig and find your strengths and weaknesses. He will enhance your strengths and correct your weaknesses. Keith is a genius, at not just coaching and training, but also in teaching the entire person in being successful, not just in sales, but also in personal relationships, personal beliefs, and personal development of the total self. Keith is more than a consultant, more than a coach, more than a mentor, Keith cares so much about his clients that he will do anything to help them be successful. He truly cares about every individual in his sales classes. He cares so much that he appears very tough in class. He is tough only because he truly wants us to become the best we can be. I consider Keith not just my coach but a true friend who would do anything for you. He is totally unselfish. If you have an opportunity to need Keith's services you could not go wrong. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. His "Black Belt" sales training course will turn any salesperson into an expert in sales. The result of his course will be a double or triple in your sales in the short term and in the long term there is no limit as to what his clients can achieve. Keith is a unique individual and anyone who knows him considers it a privilege.

I would recommend Keith without hesitation to anybody needing a personal sales trainer and coach "

Hank Harris
Owner Ameriplan USA, and Entrepreneur 

"From focused targeting and increased closes to strong repeat business, Keith and the Winfree System have been instrumental helping us build a solid customer base that has got me on pace to reach my year one revenue goals. Thanks, Keith."

Sam Haigh
Capital Signs

I am writing to thank you for introducing me to the Black Belt Selling System. Since starting my sales training with Winfree Marketing my sales have more than doubled. You have helped me gain a much better understanding of the sales process, and helped boost my confidence as well as sales.

As you saw, marketing fine art is challenging with a highly fragmented target market. Your program has really helped me define market segments and marketing channels and to define specific strategies for identifying and reaching prospects.

When you combine this, as you have done, with an organized approach to qualifying and converting prospects and building relationships, you have something pretty unique - a system that works!

The use of role play and debriefing has been especially helpful. The role play scenarios you create closely parallel real-life situations, but without the risk of losing a sale. Debriefing sales calls to recognize the things that were done right and those that weren't - and the discussions on what alternatives could have been pursued - have proven to be excellent training tools.

Finally, I want to thank you (Dan Kreutzer) personally for the coaching you have provided and for being reachable when I had questions or issues. Your guidance has been most helpful.

I look forward to continued participation in your program, and would recommend the Black Belt Selling System to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Philip Stone
President, Black Swan Art

"Keith's classes have been helpful in keeping me accountable for things as I know when class comes around there will be questions, so I have to have done my homework. He has also helped to focus my efforts and thoughts which is sometimes hard when you're in the heat of the battle."

Tom Murphy
ScenicCity Signs

Over the past two years, we have utilized Dr. Keith Winfree on a recurring basis, to provide sales coaching for our three account managers, as well as myself and one of my partners. The three account managers were hired during a time of restructuring for our company. Prior to working with Dr. Winfree, we did not have a uniform or agreed upon tracking system for our sales function and the addition of three account managers made management of our sales function extremely difficult.

We learned and implemented the ... methodology for monitoring our account managers' activities and progress towards their goals. Keith worked with our team until we had fully grasped the concept and actually understood the ... System, allowing us to apply it to our highly technical industry. We saw our company begin to grow while many of our competitors were struggling and losing sales. Our target was to significantly increase our sales for each account manager. I'm pleased to say that each of the account managers and the company as a whole are ahead of our anticipated sales pace. Of course this process was not easy. It required time and work on everyone's part and a lot of patience.

No doubt we have received a significant return on our investment in Dr. Keith Winfree .... I can confidently say that our people have benefited and I believe most companies can receive similar benefits. That's why I whole heartedly recommend the Winfree ... team.

C. Glen Combs President/ CEO

Working ...the System has allowed me to cut my number of appointments in half, while at the same time almost double my production. They provide the technique, but more importantly the coaching that allows sales professionals to move to a higher level of control, satisfaction, and results in every aspect of selling. ... the single best business decision I have ever made! Pay them their money they are worth every penny. It is not a matter of "if" you will make your money back, but if you are serious about increasing your business. If you are serious make the call, get into the system, and enjoy the success! I can be reached at 502-417-9814, if you have any questions.

Matt Dicken
Strategic Wealth Designers

"As owner of Winfree Systems, I have had the opportunity to recommend candidates to him that have potential to become part of his organization. These candidates are my clients, and they speak very highly of their interaction with Keith and his organization. I also have had an opportunity to spend some one-on- one time with Keith. I find him to be very knowledgeable, helpful, generous, and instructive. He has very high sense of integrity, and is very forthright in all of his dealings."


Sybil Ege
Owner, The Entrepreneur's Source

"Keith is a great coach in both the management and sales arenas. His techniques focus on helping his students learn how they can help others succeed, rather than trying to sell them something. His techniques are especially powerful for small business owners who have integrity issues with selling. He is accessible and approachable, and his focus on concrete results for the prospect eliminates the need for the persuasion tactics so often found in sales."


Daniel Elder
Owner, The Entrepreneur's Source

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