When I embarked on starting a sales coaching company, one of the most important criteria for my model was to be RESULTS oriented. As I explored franchise opportunities only one fit the bill. That was Winfree Business Growth Advisors.

I have been a franchisee/partner with Dr. Winfree for just over one year and the guidance and support have been excellent, and as promised. I have received weekly coaching from Dr. Winfree from the day we started and due to my success I am now coaching two Winfree Business Growth Partners. This is not only a great way for me to benefit my other franchisees but it creates an additional profitable revenue stream for my business.

While my first year results were quite good I expect to at least double in my second year. Best of all, my clients are experiencing significant results that are changing their business and personal lives. In return, they take great pride in referring to their business contacts.

David Eissman
Guaranteed Growth Systems, LLC
President & Coach, Winfree Business Growth Advisors

I was introduced to Dr. Winfree just over two years ago by a very successful franchisor. He told me that Keith had tripled his business in the past two years and that he owed his business windfall 100% to the coaching of Dr. Winfree. I was very impressed and decided to begin working with him as well. After only six months, I was on track to double my best year in sales. He had actually coached me to increase my revenue by helping others, and not just being out there for myself.

I have been a franchisee/partner of Keith's for a year and a half and have never been happier. Every goal we have set together has been met or exceeded under his system and tutelage. We work together every week to improve and create new ways to increase our businesses. As a franchisor, Dr. Winfree is unique. He actually LISTENS to his franchisees and acts upon their suggestions to better the company.

As a business under Keith's flag, I'm living the dream of running a successful business and having FUN day in and day out. My goal of doubling my business every year isn't a fantasy, but an inevitable fact. I can't say strongly enough how positively Keith has changed my life!

Steve Fretzin
Sales Results, Inc.
Owner & Coach, Winfree Systems Partner

I began my affiliation with Dr. Winfree in 2003 as his first business opportunity partner, and have been with him throughout the transition to a franchise. I was impressed with Keith’s straightforward approach to sales and his focus on results. During this time, I have discovered that Keith is totally committed to my success and that of all his franchisees. Keith has consistently over-delivered on every promise he has made, and was instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground. His counseling was a key factor in my attainment of my first year business goals, and his on-going encouragement and coaching have helped me double my business each year.

Keith is constantly improving the material and developing innovative and effective new approaches to building a business.  My clients are achieving their goals on a consistent basis; I’m making a solid six figure income; and most importantly, I love what I’m doing!  When I look back on my career, I can honestly say that my decision to become a partner with Keith was one of my best.


Dan Kreutzer
Black Belt Sales Sensei

Samurai Business Group, LLC, Results Guaranteed

Keith is an incredibly supportive person who truly wishes everyone to maximize their potential. He has terrific energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on those around him. Keith has high standards, high integrity, and a solid moral compass. He is a mentor and friend and I'm pleased to recommend him.

Peter McDowell
Partner/Franchise Owner;
Winfree Business Growth Advisors, Results Guaranteed!

"Are you a successful sales professional who is interested in leveraging your experience and knowledge to help others be successful and build a substantial business for yourself at the same time? Keith Winfree has a business proposition you should give serious consideration.

The Winfree model provides guaranteed results for anyone who is committed to accomplishing their goals. This model has enabled many franchisees to build a successful sales and business owner training and coaching business with very consistent results. No other business model can provide these guarantees.

As a coach, Keith is the best. He has the skills, the patience, and the heart to inspire anyone who has the desire to be successful. I encourage anyone to contact him to find out more."

Ken Cheo
Partner/Franchise Owner;
Winfree Business Growth Advisors, RESULTS GUARANTEED! 

I have been coached by Keith Winfree since July 2000. He has helped me focus and revise our approach to selling our Business Opportunity.

We were selling 12 to 15 deals per year before I started working with Keith Winfree .... In 2001, we sold 20 deals. Our goal for 2002 is 36. We have just received the "Company of the Year 2001" award from Franchise Network. I believe the ... coaching has a direct correlation with our success.

Keith's unique approach for coaching and training is based on ongoing incremental and reinforced learning. The culture of their coaching and training is based on the fact that they produce results and they do not stop coaching until you achieve your goal.

We have included the ... Training and  Management Program as part of our Business Opportunity to all new owners. This has increased our validation, which helps to sell even more deals. If you follow the system that Keith lays out, you should have the same results. However, you must do the behavior and use the techniques.

This is the best return on investment of any program I have ever taken. We achieved results and had a lot of fun. If you have any questions please call me at 808-329-8989.


Ken Kindt
President, SIGNworld

In July I was named the Franchise Development Director at Puroclean Systems, an emergency services business that solves mishaps around the home including fire, water, and mold damage. 

Obviously, in the franchising industry it takes some time to build a pipeline of leads and when I started, there were no leads in my pipeline. However, using the combined techniques and skills I learned from you as well as the Winfree Sales and Marketing program, I was able to build my pipeline rather quickly and within 45 days of taking my new position, closed my first deal. Since then, I have closed five more deals and have a verbal commitment for the purchase of a sixth franchise. I am certainly encouraged by my results and there is not a day that goes by when I don't use the sales techniques I learned from you. In fact, assuming I keep up this pace, I could sell as many as 15 franchises over a five month period, which I believe would make me one of the top sales executives in our industry, if there were some type of statistical industry rankings.

Over the years, since I first met you, there is one fact that never changes. Winfree Sales and Marketing techniques are very transferable. I have been employed by four different franchise organizations over the last 10 years and in every case these techniques have served me well. I thank you every day for the ways in which you have helped me grow professionally and spiritually.

These are the top five points I have learned from your coaching. That is tough because there are a lot more than five things, but here's my best shot at it:

Discipline - Keep a Journal. Without it, it is almost impossible to make adjustments and corrections.

Listen - Talk less, listen more. I am still not perfect, but much better than I used to be. No more free consulting.

Involve the Spouse - You taught me this before we even entered our relationship and it has worked ever since.

Follow a System - Keeps me on track. I know exactly when I am not following my own system and what needs to be done to get back on track.

Validation - Since this is the area where it is easiest to lose control, the S.T.A.R. program has improved our validation tremendously and keeps the potential zee "marching to the beat of my drum, not his/hers."

"Keith is a man of great integrity. He has great vision and a depth of knowledge and experience. Keith truly cares about everyone he works with, from partners to clients. My experience with Keith is always enlightening, as he listens with purpose and executes with passion."

Warm Regards,

Randy Loeb
Franchise Development Director
Puroclean Systems