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 The Business

Business brokerage, business coaching, sales coaching, executive search a dynamic approach for business growth.  We are a private graduate school in entrepreneurship. Weekly and monthly classes are conducted by the local office, much like a graduate school. We coach and teach on what Dr. Winfree calls the seven killers of a business. Dr. Winfree found, based on 40+ years of research in all kinds of businesses, that 90% of all businesses fail because of these seven killers. The seven areas are taught weekly and monthly in a seminar setting. The seven areas are: (1) Leadership/Legal/Risk Management/Wealth Management; (2) Marketing and Sales; (3) Recruiting and Hiring the Right People for the Right job; (4) Coaching and Mentoring of Key People anywhere in the company; (5) Coaching on Cash, Gross Margin, and Net Profit; (6) Innovation through Quality Improvement; (7) Coaching on Business Valuation, Exit Strategies, and Succession Planning (Business brokerage firm).


1ST YEAR $100,000, 2ND YEAR $200,000, 3RD YEAR $300,000, 4TH YEAR $400,000, 5TH YEAR $500,000. 

Winfree Business Growth Advisors (WBGA) is a national sales and marketing training and strategic advisory company that operates through a network of partners and independent operators. This is a proven concept therefore you receive a safe and trustworthy system with ongoing support. Each independent operator owns his own business and retains operational control over that business. This is a high profile business, working with business owners, CEOs and sales executives. We brand under the name Winfree. All of our coaching systems are very simple to apply to any business.

Proven lead generation system, no cold calling. A confidential system to grow the brand and get leads in the community that has been proven to work over and over again by our offices. We will give you an opportunity to talk to them.


The Investment and Net Worth Requirement

The Investment:

  1. The initial coaching fee includes: Rights to a protected territory, start-up package, initial materials, and training at the founder's home town .

  2. The coaching fee is a monthly fee.The on-going monthly fee includes: usage rights for the Winfree Black Belt SystemTM and Winfree Business Growth Advisors, Results Guaranteed! two-day national convention and training, held three times/year. Private, personal phone coaching - one hour per week, scheduled. Additional coaching, as needed. National phone training with other owners, one-hour per week, scheduled. After first year no private coaching is required.  The fee consist of $500 per month plus 10% of all cash collected for the term of the agreement or $2000 per month.

  3. $50,000 working capital for living expenses, etc. during start-up. Net worth of at least $250,000 is needed.

  4. Ask about our Master Area Developer - financing is available. Master Area Developer will have the right to open 10 units within five years, anywhere in the world.
The Revenues

Please call for the suggested retail price for an individual client to reach his/her personal sales goals or the suggested retail price for an owner-client or CEO-client to reach the company's goals.  After the first goal is met, WBGA suggests an annual fee for an individual and for an owner or CEO to remain in the program.

Seven Revenue Sources:



Profile of an Appropriate Candidate

Candidate Discovery Process 


We are happy that you are interested in our company. Our owners and partners combine over 250 years of experience actively coaching and mentoring business people. We have created the most effective coaching program in the world, and we have created a new holistic system to grow any kind of business. Areas of expertise include: leadership, cash, margin, profit, recruiting and hiring, marketing and sales, coaching and mentoring, business valuation, and succession planning.

Our business coaching system has been tested and shown to be very successful. In fact, some of our clients have doubled or tripled their revenues. To determine if you are right for our concept, you will need to complete each component of our Discovery Process outlined below: 

As a partner, associate, or agent with Winfree Business Growth Advisors, you will receive our knowledge, proprietary information, trade secrets, superior on-going support, branding, protected territory, pricing, systems, and experience to reduce your risk of failure. We are dedicated to success. Our corporate support exceeds all other coaching programs in the world, and our mentoring program is an innovation in the business world. This is very simple and most seasoned managers will fit our profile on a behavior model. We will always be the best in the country as far as obtaining results for our franchisees and their clients. Our company's passion is "Results for our clients and your clients." Maintaining excellent validation for our system is critical for everyone involved. This is the philosophy behind the detailed Discovery Process.

Step 1: Candidate Disclosure

After a brief introductory meeting, we will need to receive the following items prior to our second meeting:

Step 2: WBGA Disclosure

During our second phase, we will discuss the following items:

Book Recommendations:

Step 3: Meeting with Dr. Winfree

Next, you will have a one-hour meeting with WBGA president and founder, Dr. Keith Winfree. In addition to the above-listed items in Step 2, Dr. Winfree will discuss the following items with you, prior to your Discovery Day visit:

Step 4: Discovery Day

The next meeting will be held in Louisville, KY. Visiting our Louisville office will also provide our candidates with the opportunity to attend one of our coaching classes, a Winfree Introduction Networking luncheon, and an executive briefing. Prior to your visit, you will have a brief conversation with Dr. Winfree to prepare for the on-site interview. Dr. Winfree will also address any unanswered questions that you may have.

For candidates who wish to partner with our company a decision needs to be made at discovery day yes or no.  Our purpose in requesting a final decision at this point is that you will have access to all of our trade secrets during the period between Discovery Day and initial training. We will not provide our coaching curriculum to candidates that are not committed to our company. No other concept allows you to do the following: If we choose to award a unit to you, you will receive all materials to study for one month before you come back to initial training.

Step 5: Initial Training (Steps 2, 3, 4, 5 can be done over one weekend) 

You will attend a training seminar in Louisville, KY to develop a strategy and launch the opening of the new office and visit on the field with a successful partner at their office and training center.  5 days with the founder   This is the most comprehensive training program in the industry over 15 textbooks.


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