Winfree Business Growth Advisors, Results Guaranteed! (WBGA) provides management advisory services in many areas, including strategic marketing and sales, sales management, recruiting and hiring executives, growing the business, innovation through quality improvement, succession planning, and exit strategies. We can also help increase the value of your business when you want to sell it. This is worth a fortune, or millions, and so many business owners miss this point when we start working with them to grow the business. WBGA provides weekly training at local training centers for sales people, sales managers, executives, CEOs, and business owners. WBGA also provides on-going individual coaching and consulting, as well as corporate-wide programs. 

WBGA contracts with the client to achieve a mutually agreed upon goal, for an upfront fixed fee, and then continues to work with the client until that goal is achieved. The tag line: Results Guaranteed! addresses the CEO/business owner's desire to achieve tangible results from any training investment. The WBGA Black Belt System produces the desired results. This resonates with CEOs and business owners. Many owners have previously invested in training only to observe marginal, if any, improvements.

We provide the following services:

Winfree Business Growth Advisors focuses on clients who truly have a desire to change. The commitment we bring to the table must be reciprocated for results to be achieved. We provide a weekly class for three hours in a training center plus one-on-one coaching in the client's office. In addition, we offer corporate training to franchisors and coaching to their franchisees nationwide.
Other sales training and coaching companies charge for specific events, including seminars and specific classes; or they charge a set fee that allows the client to attend classes for a specific length of time. WBGA contracts to work with the client until he/she achieves a mutually agreed upon goal. Results Guaranteed! resonates with CEOs and business owners that have spent money on training in the past, with no tangible results to show for it.
The weekly, one-on-one coaching with a private coach is a key component in a successful business, and is a major differentiator between WBGA and other training companies. WBGA is committed to staying with clients until they reach their goals for a fixed fee or on a retainer program.  We also provide corporate training at your site. 
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