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Working from anywhere in the world your desire? Are you tired of working for someone else or making them a lot of money? Are you tired of preparing proposals that amount to little more than unpaid consulting? Would you like to eliminate "I want to think it over" from your prospect's vocabulary? Do you want financial independence? Winfree Business Growth Advisors invites you to learn how our sales coaching and mentoring get you Results - GUARANTEED

Most companies today have such a lean operation that coaching, mentoring, or ongoing training are not in the budget. Are you looking for that next executive position? Getting no with the internet jobs. Stop call me for 30 minutes that can change your life. Read my testimonies on the testimony tab found above. Middle management no longer exists in a large number of companies, especially small companies. We can provide this valuable resource as an outsourced event on an exception basis. Do you want a Black Belt sales manager or sales person or top executive? Call now 502-253-0700.  Are you an executive out of work, in transition, looking for your next position? Looking for a new career Click here to take survey fill out survey to see if you fit one minute? Call 502-253-0700 Call now? Call about our onsite half day workshops If you are in need of funding for a project above $10,000,000 and have a business plan with EBITDA projections of $2,000,000 and above per year call me. We can handle the bond writing and the placement of the bonds with our broker dealer network 502-253-0700.  

Repetition Breeds Success.  Going to market is where most sales programs fail, that is where Winfree starts. See new Winfree Pamphlet on Resource tab above. 

While seminars are beneficial, at WBGA we work with you three hours each week in an actual classroom, and one-on-one up to three additional hours each month. Nothing succeeds: like success - and holding you accountable is one of the many tools we use to ensure your success. Our Five Phases and 12 Elements are a complete system that incorporates all the best ideas present today in sales and marketing. We can recruit a top sales manager or VP of marketing and sales for a fixed fee and provide a guarantee that he will be successful or we will replace him.   



Tangible Results (A School in Entrepreneurship)
Remember college? After years of study you received a piece of paper congratulating you on studying. At Winfree Business Growth Advisors you achieve tangible results based on a theory that Dr. Winfree developed which states that seven killers of a business exist and any combination of these will kill a business 90% of time. We are like the MBA you never received. We are a school of entrepreneurship based on your business not some graduate school case study. Real money. Your money. WOW! say our clients. They just love the impact our program brings to the table. Increased earnings for the business is worth three times the amount when your business is sold. Guaranteed! Do you know what your business is worth and how to sell it for more? Sell goodwill, cash flow and potential, and capitalize on the future?


 "Mind of a Tiger"TM

Remember the last time you believed that you were in a fight for your survival? At Winfree Business Growth Advisors you achieve tangible results that increase your current sales levels two to three times their current levels - guaranteed!  You will actually receive a Black Belt based on your performance in the class and your results in business. Accountability, focus and a system that you follow are keys to our success. Are you satisfied in being average? If so, this is not a program for you. Our system works the best in recession, since you have to fight to take market share. Only the strong will survive. Ask for our ebook to drive before you buy. Dr. Winfree talks about it as the "Mind of a Tiger."TM  



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